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VCA Avondale Veterinary Hospital has provided quality boarding since 1997.  We believe pets deserve the same royal treatment their vacationing owners get!

We feature six, 40-square foot Vacation Suites,6 of which have a window view.  The suites have a television, heated floors and a ledge where pets can perch while perusing outside activity.  Suite dwellers are entitled to a one-on-one play time with a staff member along with 3 walks per day.

Our traditional kennels, which are 18 or 24 square-foot, come with heated floors, night lights and privacy dividers. Walks are provided 3 times a day and one-on-one playtimes are available for an additional fee.

There is a waterfall in our atrium which provides a natural, calming water sound for the dogs. Guests will also hear soft, piped-in music.

Boarding guests have the opportunity to purchase Doggie Daycare packages and/or be pampered by our professional groomers!

Our feline guests are housed on the opposite side of our building from the canine boarding area to ensure peace and quiet.  Each cat condo is divided into three sections so our guests have a separate spot for resting, feeding and litter box.  A playroom with a tree to climb on is available for an additional charge.


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