Their Home Away From Home Features:

  • Fear Free Certified With Low Stress Handling

  • Available 7 Days a Week

  • Viewable by Webcam

  • Group Playtimes

  • One on One Playtimes

  • Discounted Pet Packages

At VCA Animal Wellness of Maple Grove, Your Pets are Part of the Family!

Treat your pets to an overnight stay at our luxury resort, where guests experience unique getaways such as an ocean cruise, a European vacation, a trip around the world or a stroll down the streets of Hollywood. All suites are spacious and comfortable, with special amenities to suit even the most discerning furry guest.

Special resort amenities include:

- A mattress menu is offered to meet personal comfort desires.
- Home comforts are offered through heated floors with individual thermostats, dimmed lighting and aromatherapy.
- Complimentary video monitors featuring animal-themed programs.
- Webcams so you can view your pet via the Internet from anywhere, anytime.
- Days devoted to fun, playtime and mentally challenging activities, including nature walks or the simple comfort of a resort specialist’s lap.

Your loved one's overnight stay includes administration of oral medications, extended playtime, mattress and pillow selections, and a complementary bath and nail trim after a seven-day stay.  All guests go home with a report card and picture.

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