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Other Therapies
Learn about additional treatment options including immunotherapy and multi-modal approaches to pet cancer treatment.

Immunotherapies include vaccines, naturally-arising biologic substances (such as antibodies), and medications that boost your pet's natural defenses to fight cancer.

Immunotherapies are often used in conjunction with other types of therapies to maximize treatment outcomes and positive prognosis.
VCA veterinary oncologist Barbara Kitchell, DVM, DACVIM, talks about the field of immunotherapy, a recently developed treatment option that is yielding promising results in helping reestablish the immune system in animals with cancer.
VCA veterinary medical oncologist Cecilia Lopez, DVM, DACVIM, explains that integrated oncology is the ability to treat cancer with mutliple methods, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Multi-modal treatment means that more than one method is being used on the same cancer.
What is immunotherapy?
What is integrated oncology and multi-modal treatment?