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A whole new way to look at pet cancer care for the world’s most important pet.

Chemotherapy: Powerful Treatment With Fewer Side Effects

While humans can experience serious side effects with chemotherapy, pets often have few or no symptoms, especially with VCA Pet CancerCare’s approach.

Minimally Invasive, Maximized Results

Sophisticated technology enables VCA Pet CancerCare’s radiation oncologists to target tumors while sparing surrounding normal tissue. The result: fewer visits and shorter treatment times while improving tumor response and minimizing side effects.


Understanding Cancer Therapy

A cancer diagnosis brings with it many questions, whether about cancer types or treatment options. Here are answers from our experts on a number of common topics.

Find Chemotherapy Information


Also known as “chemo,” this therapy uses medication to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells. Depending on the type and stage of cancer, chemotherapy may induce remission...

Get Surgical Oncology Information


An operation done using general anesthesia to remove some or all of a tumor, restore function or relieve pain. Sometimes surgery is also used to help diagnose cancer...

Get Radiation Therapy Information

Radiation Therapy

This involves the use of high-energy X-rays to kill malignant cells and shrink tumors. By using the most sophisticated equipment available today, we are able to precisely target cancer cells...

Learn About Immunotherapy


This therapy uses substances made by the body or in a laboratory to boost the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer. It is useful in stopping or slowing the growth of cancer cells...

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