VCA’s goal is to help treat your pet’s cancer, giving you and your pet more quality time together.

At VCA Pet CancerCare Centers, our oncology teams design individualized treatment plans for each pet patient using the most advanced and effective treatments available—much like those used in human medicine. Today’s cancer treatments have fewer side effects, so most pets remain comfortable and happy throughout treatment.

Learn about the VCA Pet CancerCare Difference and the Stories of Pets We’ve Helped after a Cancer Diagnosis
VCA oncologists describe the scope and mission of the VCA Pet CancerCare Alliance, outlining the benefits of the collaborative approach of experts in the different oncology specialties in raising the bar of pet cancer care and bringing the most cutting-edge medicine to patients and clients.
Hear about how VCA’s state-of-the-art TrueBeam technology helped Cody live a seizure-free life after radiation therapy treatment for his meningioma.
Hear how a multi-modal treatment approach combining chemotherapy with radiation therapy gave Patch an improved quality of life and more time with his family.
Why VCA Pet CancerCare?
Cody’s Story
Patch's Story
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Minimally Invasive, Maximized Results

Advanced technology, including the Varian Halcyon, enables VCA Pet CancerCare’s radiation oncologists to target tumors while sparing surrounding normal tissue. The result: fewer visits and shorter treatment times while improving tumor response and minimizing side effects.

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Pet CancerCare Alliance

The Pet CancerCare Alliance (PCCA) is VCA’s interdisciplinary group of oncology professionals. The PCCA is led by an advisory board whose goal is to raise the level of pet cancer care industry wide, through education, research, consultation and development of pioneering treatments aimed at improving outcomes for pets living with cancer.

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