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Why VCA Pet CancerCare?
VCA Pet CancerCare offers you dedicated and specialized teams.

VCA has the largest network of oncologists, available to review and consult on cases.

VCA Pet CancerCare is leading the way in treatment options, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and surgery. 
VCA veterinary radiation oncologist Joseph Jacovino, DVM, DACVR, describes how VCA's Pet CancerCare team is composed of the largest group of oncology experts working together offering support and case studies to advance the science of veterinary oncology and to raise the bar of care.
VCA veterinary surgical oncologist Emily Manor, DVM, DACVIM, explains the first oncology consultation. The veterinary oncologist will have looked thoroughly at your pet's records and will conduct a phsyical exam and discuss treatment options, schedule, prognosis and potential side effects.
A pet cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. VCA veterinary oncologist Barbara Kitchell, DVM, DACVIM, explains how our VCA Pet CancerCare team of specialists will approach testing and diagnosis in order to devise the optimal treatment plan for your pet.
VCA veterinary medical and radiation oncologist, David Proulx, MSpVM, DACVIM, DACVR, explains the role of the veterinary oncologist in educating the pet owner on all aspects of radiation therapy, including precisely how the treatment works, the prognosis and possible outcomes.
What makes VCA Pet CancerCare unique?
What can I expect in an initial consultation with my pet's oncologist?
What happens if my pet has cancer?
What can I expect in a consultation before radiation treatment?