All Seasons: A Five Paw Resort at VCA Acacia

VCA Acacia is proud to offer luxury dog, cat, bird, rabbit and exotic lodging at All Seasons: A Five Paw Resort at Acacia. Our Five Paw Resort facility is supervised by veterinary staff and offers all species pet boarding and doggie day camp.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your beloved family companion will experience an assortment of creature comforts while you are away. Your pet resides in the comfort of our luxury accommodations, including our comfort studios and suites. Special requests, such as specific food, bedding, and exercise routines, are honored wherever possible.

Our qualified and caring resort staff pampers our pet guests with all the basic boarding services, as well as offering a variety of extras, including custom exercise programs, day camp, luxury baths, specialized diets, televisions, and cuddle time.

Advanced reservations are especially important on weekends, holidays, and during the summer and may require a credit card or cash deposit. Contact our resort to reserve luxury accommodations for your special pet at (760) 745-8115.

Their Home Away From Home

The last thing you want is to worry about your pet’s well-being while you are away. We offer peace of mind and ideal boarding conditions for pets, even those with special circumstances that may require extra monitoring or medication. At our facility you can always expect clean and comfortable bedding, attentive and experienced staff, and the highest quality of care.
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Play and Socialize All Day

Worried about entertaining your dog while you work or travel? Doggy daycare is the perfect solution! All dogs are carefully supervised as they enjoy the benefits of exercise and socialization. Dogs are grouped according to size and temperament to ensure that every pup has the best possible stay.

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Proven, Positive Training Methods

Obedience training helps to improve your pet’s behavior, keeps him or her safe, and strengthens the human-animal bond. It can also cut down on unsatisfactory behaviors like house soiling, chewing, biting, and barking. Through consistent, positive reinforcement of desirable behaviors, our trainers will teach you and your pet how to listen to and respect one another.

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Improving Function and Quality of Life

Rehabilitation can help improve medical outcomes after surgery, and it can also be beneficial for pets who have both chronic and acute medical conditions. Pets can benefit from rehabilitation regardless of age, breed, or size. Rehabilitation can help treat a variety of conditions including chronic pain, arthritis, and obesity. Patients may benefit from reduced pain, increased circulation, increased coordination and range of motion, or optimal function of limbs and mobility after rehabilitation.
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