Our Feline Lodging Offers Desirable Accommodations

Our hospital offers cat boarding you can trust. It is sometimes difficult to find a boarding facility that will tend to the needs of your cat while you are away. Boarding at our facility is ideal, especially if your cat has certain medical conditions that require monitoring or medication. There will be staff to monitor your cat closely and manage any problems that may arise. Our feline facilities are sterilized between boarders and a rigorous cleaning schedule is followed. We maintain climate-control settings so your cat is comfortable both day and night. 

Common Boarding Issues

Some of the most common boarding problems that occur while your cat is boarding or after it goes home:
Diarrhea and vomiting
Lack of appetite

If the above symptoms occur for more than 24 hours after arriving home, please call and schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at VCA Willow Creek Pet Center.


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