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Dog Boarding

VCA Willow Creek has a traditional boarding facility for dogs. This means each dog has their own secure run with both indoor and outdoor spaces. This gives your dog freedom to play while being  safe and secure. Our floors are heated for comfort in the winter.

Your dog will receive one on one time every day with one of our trained staff members. Every boarding stay comes with fresh blankets daily for your dog to sleep on. If you have a special diet for your dog, please bring it with feeding instructions (amount, frequency, type of food and allergies). Otherwise we will feed your pet Hills i/d low fat dog food. Everything is documented and fed to your pet as

Splish, Splash, We’ll give them a bath

VCA Willow Creek Pet Center offers a complimentary bath to all boarding dogs after three nights stay. (Sorry, we are unable to offer this service to aggressive dogs)

We do our very best to keep your pet as clean as possible during his/her stay with us; however, potty accidents happen to even the best trained dogs. The change from the normal home routine and the different sounds and smells of the boarding facility may cause even the best trained dog to have and occasional “mistake”. Our attentive staff keeps all kennels cleaned and disinfected daily.

Everyone Loves a Clean, Fresh Blank-ee

Blankets are offered to all pets. If your pet becomes destructive with blankets, they will be removed for their safety. Your pet will receive clean and fresh bedding each day. We advise you not to bring your pets own bedding or blankets, but if you wish to do so, we ask that you do not bring your pets favorite or most valued blanket, bedding or toy as it could get lost or damaged while here in the facility. Oftentimes, items may become soiled and we are unable to return them to you clean.

We want your pet to chow down

Some pets refuse to eat while boarding. When this happens, we will add canned food mixed into your pets food or offer canned  food on its own to encourage them to eat. With this in mind, a change in diet added with the stress of being away from home will sometimes cause diarrhea.  We feed all boarding dogs Hills Prescription Diet i/d Low Fat.

Boarding cats are fed Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin.  If your pet eats a different product, please bring it with you when you check in . 

Toys for your Pet

We allow your pet to have chew bones, but only those that are digestible.

We do not want your pet eating a toy that could possibly cause internal problems.


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