All boarded pets are required to be current on the following vaccinations:

Dogs: Rabies, DA2PP, Bordetella, Influenza and an annual negative fecal test
Cats: FVRCP/FELV vaccine and Rabies

Medications: all medications must be brought in their original containers with instructions provided. 

If a pet is too nervous or aggressive, we will be unable to walk them, handle them or bathe them but we will make sure they have all the major essentials such as food, water and a clean space.

Diabetics and pets with a history of seizures must board in hospital. (additional fees will apply)

Boarding is for healthy pets. If your pet is sick or showing signs of  illness, they will be moved to our hospital to be under a doctors care (additional fees will apply). 


Charges are per night/per pet
Dogs 0-50 pounds: $32
Dogs 51+ pounds: $36
Cats: $25
Birds: $25
Rabbits/Reptiles: $25
Day Boarding Dog: $20
Day Boarding Cat: $13
Boarding with day care: $50
Day care add on: $27

Multiple pet discount: First pet is standard rate
Additional dogs are:
0-50 pounds: $30/night
51+ pounds: $33/night

Medication fee: $2.10 per administer

Basic TLC Package: $11.75 
(available up to 7 nights)
Additional walk/play, extra bedding, bed time treat, go home treat bag

Premium TLC Package: $21
(3 night min/7 night max)
Additional walk/play, extra bedding, picture/text each day, bed time treat, go home treat bag/picture and report card

Cat TLC Package: $13.75
(3 night min/7 night max)
Comfy bed, scratching post, wet food snack, picture/text each day, go home treat bag/picture and report card

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