Grooming Your Pet with Us Features:

  • Professional Grooming Staff

  • Available 6 Days a Week

  • Spa Packages

  • Specialty Cuts

  • Safe and Soothing Hand Dry

Do you know how important it is to groom your pet?

A clean animal is a happy and healthy animal!

Brushing, bathing and trimming aren’t only about good looks; we consider it a must for good health. Grooming is the perfect opportunity to give your pet a quick health check. You can look for lumps, bumps, injuries and other skin problems such as ticks or fleas. Call and make your appointment today to keep your furry pal feeling and looking great.

Pet Grooming Prices and Spa Packages

(Rates can vary depending on breed, coat condition and behavior)

Dog Grooming:

Small Breeds: $73 and up
Medium Breeds: $93 and up
Large Breeds: $112 and up
Extra Large Breeds: $125 and up

Cat Grooming:

Bath and Brush Out: $75 and up
Cut: $97 and up

Vaccines required:

For dogs: Rabies, DA2PP, Bordetella, Influenza and a negative fecal test
For cats: FVRCP/FELV vaccine and Rabies

Grooming Spa Packages:

Pampered Pet Day: $17.75
Includes: Specialty Shampoo (including medicated, hypo-allergenic and oatmeal), Specialty Conditioner, Teeth Brushing, and Dremel Nails.

Add on to grooming packages:

Teeth Brushing: $15
Nail Painting: $22
Dremel Nails: $15
Early Out (before noon): add $10-$20
Express (customer waiting): add $20.00 and up
Additional Assistant If Needed: $12.00 and up
Matting: $1.00 per minute
Deshedding: $1.00 per minute

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