Health Concerns

For non-emergency medical issues that can’t wait until your regular veterinarian becomes available, VCA Urgent Care offers world-class care access to same- and next-day care

Sometimes pets have pressing medical needs that aren’t life-threatening but should be evaluated and treated by a veterinarian as soon as possible. VCA Urgent Care enables you to receive care from our skilled team of world-class veterinary professionals without waiting for hours in an emergency room. 

If you think your pet is having a medical emergency, find the nearest VCA Emergency Hospital.


Available Services
  • Animals can accidentally ingest many potential toxins Many potential treatments are time-sensitive, so if you’re worried your pet may have ingested a potential toxin, see a veterinarian as soon as possible ... Read more

  • Like humans, animals can have allergic reactions to things in their environments An allergy is a state of over-reactivity or hypersensitivity of your pet’s immune system to an allergen  ... Read more

  • Animals can develop vomiting or diarrhea for many reasons, ranging from eating something that didn’t agree with them to a life-threatening gastrointestinal obstruction ... Read more

  • Just like humans, pets are vulnerable to ear infections caused by many factors in their environments ... Read more

  • Eye problems are common among pets Dust, dirt and even fur can get into your pet’s eyes and cause redness, itching, watering or irritation  ... Read more

  • Animals with fleas, ticks or mites on their body may require prescription treatment to clear the infestation ... Read more

  • Your pet’s itchy skin or rash could be caused by many reasons, from a reaction to their food, sensitivity to their shampoo or parasites like fleas or ticks to a more serious condition like a skin infection ... Read more

  • Wounds can be caused by many things such as scrapes, cuts, and bites from other animals, or a pad laceration from stepping on glass or a sharp rock ... Read more

  • Pets do get tired from extended activity, but drastic changes to your pet’s energy levels may indicate a more serious issue ... Read more

  • A change in appetite is one of the first indicators your pet may be experiencing a health issue ... Read more

  • Pain while moving or limping can be a sign of anything from a mild sprain or strain to a serious orthopedic or neurological issue ... Read more

  • While the occasional sneeze is common for pets, an ongoing sneeze, repeated cough or continuously runny nose is a sign that your pet should be seen by a veterinarian ... Read more

  • Any time an animal develops abnormal urination, the pet should be seen by a veterinarian ... Read more