Health Concerns

Pain or Limping

Pain while moving or limping can be a sign of anything from a mild sprain or strain to a serious orthopedic or neurological issue. A mild episode of pain that resolves quickly may not need a trip to the veterinarian, but pain severe enough to cause your pet to not want to walk or not use a limb should be evaluated.

When to visit VCA Urgent Care

  • Acute pain or limping that does not resolve in less than an hour
  • Pain when your pet’s neck or back is touched
  • Your pet is limping or experiencing pain, but can walk and stand on its own (walking on three legs is okay)

When to seek emergency care

We recommend visiting an emergency hospital if your pet is experiencing any of the following:

  • Your pet has an obvious fracture
  • Your pet is unable to stand/walk without assistance
  • The limping is associated with major trauma like being hit by a car or picked up and shaken by a larger animal


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