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Nandini Mudeliar
Staff Veterinarian BVSc (Sydney), MANZCVS (Small Animal Surgery)
Dr. Nandini Mudeliar graduated from the University of Sydney in 2005 and started working in a busy, progressive practice in Singapore which instilled a sense of work ethic and deep love for veterinary medicine. She moved to Hawaii to work with our team for a while before moving to New York with her husband and practiced medicine for 4 years. She returned back to Hawaii to join our emergency team in 2022. 

Being challenged and having to work at new skills is what drives her strong interest in surgery (both soft tissue and orthopedic) and neurology. She thoroughly enjoys learning about all things related to these subjects. "I am a firm believer in practicing well rounded and balanced medicine that puts the animal's and owner's needs and dignity at the forefront," says Mudeliar.
Dr. Nandini Mudeliar enjoys making anatomical ceramics and is happily married. 

When asked about where she came from and why she decided to move to Hawaii, Dr. Mudeliar playfully replied, "Urban Singapore was where I was born and raised...although dreaming about the countryside, sea and sand was how I spent most of my days. As such, during my travels, I fell in love with Hawaii and the people and decided to make it my home."