Lucy Teddy
Veterinary Specialist DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
Dr. Lucy Teddy was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She received a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Oregon State University, and graduated from the University of Illinois in Veterinary Medicine. She did her rotating internship at VCA Aurora (Illinois), Oncology internship at Michigan State University, and her Clinical trials internship at Cornell University, where she also did her residency. Her special interests include: Leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, histiocytic sarcoma, feline cancers, and palliative care. 

"A diagnosis of cancer is scary and emotional, and my goal is to advocate for patient quality of life while guiding families through the treatment options. There is no one size fits all cancer treatment, and I like to personalize each plan to the pet and the family – what's feasible financially, what time commitment is possible, pet's temperament, etc. A diagnosis of cancer may mean less time with a loved pet than expected, but, when possible, I want to extend quality of life for my patients so they can have as many good days as possible," says Dr. Teddy.

When asked what she hopes to gain while working with us here at VCA Family and Oahu Veterinary Specialty Center, and being here in Hawaii, she responded, "I am excited to continue to grow as a clinician as I meet new pets and their parents and provide cancer treatment to the dogs and cats of Hawaii. With a focus on quality of life, I hope to provide supportive treatments for my patients as well as cancer targeted treatments. I am curious to see if there are any noticeable regional differences in cancer behavior and frequency here. And I am so excited to be living somewhere so beautiful and cannot wait to embrace the Aloha spirit!"

At home, she enjoys time with her wife, Rose, and their fun little family — Jonah and Virginia Little (their domestic shorthair cats), and their dogs Linus (dachshund) and Henrietta Mimosa (dachshund mix). Crafting, including embroidery and tapestry weaving; swimming, snorkeling and diving are some of her favorite hobbies.

Favorite Quote: "My life is changing… because I am changing it" - anonymous