Advanced Care

Soft Tissue Surgery

Our hospital offers many soft tissue surgery services. Soft tissue surgery refers to surgery on any body part excluding: bones/joints (orthopedic surgery), heart (cardiac surgery), or nervous system (neurosurgery). Examples of common soft tissue surgeries include spays (ovariohysterectomy), neuters (orchiectomy), growth removals from the skin or surface of the body, gastrointestinal surgery (to remove foreign objects or removed diseased sections of intestine), bladder surgery (to remove stones or polyps), and spleen surgery (often to remove diseased spleens or masses). Pain medications are standard with our soft tissue surgery procedures to ensure your pet's comfort and speedy recovery.

If more complicated or advanced surgical procedures are indicated for your pet, your VCA veterinarian will discuss with you the recommendation for referral to one of our local board-certified surgeons so that your pet may receive the best and most appropriate care possible.