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Euthanasia Services

Unfortunately, there comes a time in the life of all pets when the possibility of a recovery to a comfortable existence is highly unlikely. Caretakers of that pet must inevitably consider all possibilities to relieve the pet's suffering. Our compassionate team truly understands how difficult this can be, and our staff is here to help you cope with end-of-life care and the decision to pursue humane euthanasia.

Palliation of symptoms and proper nursing care are critical when patients cannot care for themselves. Proper nutrition, hydration, warmth, and grooming care help to provide comfort. Pain, nausea, digestive irregularities, respiratory congestion, and movement limitations should be medically managed as much as possible. When proper care is provided, the final weeks to months of life can be more comfortable for the pet and provide solace to the caretakers.

When medical intervention can no longer provide a level of comfort acceptable to the pet’s well-being, humane euthanasia should be considered to prevent further deterioration and suffering. The decision to euthanize a beloved pet is among the most important but difficult choices a pet owner must make. Consultation with one of our veterinarians may help owners determine whether euthanasia is the best decision for their pet.

When the time for euthanasia has come, the procedure is performed by a veterinarian in a quiet and comfortable environment. Injections of a pain reliever, sedative, muscle relaxer, and anesthetic are administered such that no discomfort is perceived by the patient, and they have no awareness of the procedure. The veterinarian will ensure that the heart, pulse, and breathing have stopped. Pet owners and families are welcome to be present for the procedures, or not, depending on their preference.

Prior to euthanasia, pet owners should consider how their pet's remains will be cared for. This reduces the emotional stress at the time of the procedure. We provide a range of respectful options, from burial to private cremation. We can provide personalized fur vials and clay paw impressions to those of our clients that are interested. In addition, there are many commercially available options to help memorialize your beloved pet.