Pet Grooming

Groomer trimming dog's hair at VCA Wexford Animal Hospital

Among all the caring services we provide your pet, our hospital offers grooming services. Brushing, bathing, and trimming aren't only about good looks; we consider them a must for good health!

Your pet’s comfort and well-being are always the top priority of our grooming staff members. To ensure your furry pal looks AND feels great, call to make an appointment today.

CATS: Priced depending on breed

  • Express Groom: Includes a bath and pedicure
  • Standard Groom: Includes a bath, pedicure, brush out/spot shave
  • Premium Groom: Includes a bath, pedicure and shave down

DOGS: Priced depending on breed

  • Express Groom: Includes a bath and pedicure
  • Standard Groom: Includes a bath, pedicure, face/paw/tail trim
  • Premium Groom: Includes a bath, pedicure, and all over cut and style

We also offer select grooming services which include: nail grinding, brushing/dematting, tooth brushing, and face trimming.

Benefits of grooming: 

  • Maintains your pet’s healthy skin and coat.
  • Regular nail trims keep nails short and help to reinforce healthy paw structure and posture.
  • Routine visits may result in early detection of issues with ears, skin, teeth and more…
  • Your pet will look and smell great!

Please be advised that VCA Wexford Animal Hospital reserves the right to charge for missed appointments or same-day cancelations. 

Available Services
  • Our hospital offers bathing services for your canine or feline. We have spacious walk-in tubs with temperature and pressure-controlled water to ensure maximum comfort for your pet. Please ask our staff about optional additional spa services to keep your furry friend looking their best year-round!

    For the safety and comfort of your pet, a physical examination by one of our veterinarians is required within the 12 months prior to your pet’s appointment.... Read more

  • The condition of your cat’s coat can tell you a lot about his or her health. All cats benefit from regular brushing. Brushing removes loose hairs, dead skin cells, parasites, debris, and dirt, as well as redistributes your cats natural skin oils.... Read more

  • Our professional groomer will provide your pet with a quality pampering experience with every visit. She can customize care and handling for puppies experiencing their first groom, as well as for our seniors that may have mobility and comfort concerns. Our groomer will personally greet you when you arrive for your appointment and will inquire about your preferences for your pet.... Read more

  • HydroSurge® bathing systems make pet bathing faster and easier than ever before. With its exclusive technology, HydroSurge® systems provide a higher quality bath in less time than traditional hand bathing. Pets suffering from skin conditions or those with thick coats will benefit from the combing action that helps shampoos get through heavy, thick coats and down to the skin for better results.... Read more

  • Nail trimming is an essential component of your pet’s basic grooming needs as it is essential for proper posture, comfort, and mobility. We understand that it can be challenging and stressful to perform nail trims on your pets at home. Our hospital offers safe and minimally stressful nail trims for dogs and cats.... Read more

  • We offer a variety of services to spoil and pamper your pet! Get in touch with our hospital to discuss prices and scheduling.

    .... Read more