Primary Care


Under certain circumstances, your VCA veterinarian may recommend admitting your pet into the hospital for monitoring, diagnostic testing, or necessary medical care. We can accommodate a limited number of hospitalized patients each day. Once admitted to the hospital, your pet will have its own comfortable clean kennel space and will be monitored closely during the day by veterinary assistants, certified veterinary technicians, and your veterinarian. Your pet will receive diagnostic imaging, laboratory testing, fluid therapy, and/or medications, as directed by your pet’s veterinarian. Once your veterinarian determines your pet is well enough to go home, you will be given verbal and/or typed follow-up instructions for further care.

Because we do not have any overnight staff or monitoring capabilities, it is very uncommon for us to hospitalize patients overnight. If your pet requires further overnight hospitalized care and monitoring, your veterinarian will refer you and your pet to one of our local 24-hour care facilities.