Cindy Mar, Specialty Veterinarian

DVM, MS, DACVO (Ophthalmology)


Undergrad school: University California Irvine
Veterinary school: Colorado State University Internship: Cornell University Hospital for Animals
Residency: Eye Care for Animals, Specialty Hospital

Why did you choose to become a specialty doctor in Ophthalmology?
Ophthalmology is a great specialty for a person who wants to help animals who hates blood and loves to draw.

Years of education/training to be a specialist in Ophthalmology.
8 years in college, 1-year internship and 3 years in a residency. So a total of 12 years dedicated to provide the best possible care for patient’s eyes.

Why do you choose to practice at VCA West Coast?
The people and the facility offer me the most potential to provide the best care for my patients and clients.

Part of VCA West Coast’s mission is to help advance the profession of veterinarian medicine, how do you contribute?
I am particularly interested in treating patients through the integration of medical, surgical, nutritional and supportive therapies. By working along with other specialists, I am dedicated to improving the quality of pets’ lives through the maintenance of their ocular health.

VCA West Coast has 13 core values, which one relates best to you? (Teamwork, Integrity, Compassion, Respect, Accountability, Passion, Initiative, Kindness, Gratitude, Efficiency, Teaching, Empathy, Reliability)
I hope to be related to all of them!

What do you enjoy doing outside of practicing medicine?
Spending time with family, friends, pets, TV and food!

Cindy Mar

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