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Availability: Tuesday - Friday
Courtney Ikuta
Associate Veterinarian DVM (Practice Limited - Surgery)

Undergrad School: University of Alabama at Huntsville and Augustana College, Rock Island, IL
Veterinary School: University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine
Residency: The Animal Medical Center in New York City

Why did you choose to become a Veterinary Surgeon?
During veterinary school, the small animal surgery rotation was the most physically taxing, working 18+ hour days, standing for hours in the operating room, forgoing meals and breaks, but it was by far the most inspiring. My experience as an intern with an incredible group of surgeons only further reinforced my love of surgery. It is difficult to describe the joy that surgery brings me. When we are in the OR, nothing else matters but the patient whose life is in our hands; the world stops and our team is fully focused on working together with efficiency and skill. Being able to repair an injury, relieve an obstruction, remove a tumor, to literally save lives, makes me grateful every day I walk in to the hospital.

Why do you choose to practice at VCA West Coast?
The VCA West Coast team is a group of caring, dedicated doctors providing the most advanced and comprehensive care possible to our patients in a respectful workplace.  We support one another and work as a true team.

What do you enjoy doing outside of practicing medicine?
I enjoy cooking and eating great food, playing volleyball, skiing, traveling, and spending time with family.



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