Adel Bassuony
Associate Veterinarian DVM

Veterinary School: Suez Canal University, Egypt

Why do you choose to be an emergency veterinarian? 
Providing immediate patient care and managing life-threatening emergencies and diseases. I always feel satisfied saving a pet who has been hit by a car, a cat that ingested a poisonous plant or any other patient that needs imminent treatment. Doing that, simply lifts my spirit on a daily basis.

Why do you choose to practice at VCA West Coast? 
VCA West Coast is one of the biggest referral hospital in the area. We are mostly dealing with lots of sick patients that requires specialty care. The presence of a big team from different specialists in the veterinary medicine allows us to provide the best patient care for those sick furry friends.

Part of VCA West Coast's mission is to help advance the profession of veterinarian medicine, how do you contribute? 
I enjoy providing our pet owners with thorough client education with different options of treatment that can help them make an informed decision for the best outcome of their pet companion.

VCA West Coast has 13 core values, which one relates best to you? 

What do you enjoy doing outside of practicing medicine?
Kite surfing, playing soccer, fishing and enjoying my free time with my wife, 3 kids and Rocko, my 9 year old Rottweiler!


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