Bone Biopsy

Though not always indicated, bone biopsy can be an essential component in the diagnosis, staging and management of your pet’s condition. The process involves the removal of a small amount of bone from the area of interest. Depending on the needs of your pet this procedure can be performed with either a specialized needle (Jamshidi) or via a surgical approach.

To obtain a needle sample, your pet will be sedated or placed under general anesthesia. The Jamshidi needle is then inserted through the skin and into the affected bone resulting in the removal of an approximately 2 x 4 mm segment of tissue. Two to four samples will be obtained and submitted for histopathology.

To obtain a surgical (open) biopsy, your pet will be placed under general anesthesia. A small skin incision will be made overlying the affected area of bone. After visually identifying the lesion, surgical instruments or a Jamshidi type needle will be utilized to remove the sample of tissue.

Short term, mild discomfort may result and your pet may be placed on an anti-inflammatory or other anti-pain medication to insure that any discomfort is minimized.

For both Jamshidi and open biopsy, image guidance is sometimes utilized with Ultrasound, CT or with real-time fluoroscopy (a form of x-ray) to definitively localize and biopsy the affected bone.