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Hospital Mascot
Stewie has lived here since the summer of 2013 when he was 4-years-old, and he has been the king since! He has fans from near and far, and he certainly knows it. He is even known in the letterboxing community.

The life of a hospital mascot involves many important duties that he takes very seriously. Stewie's daily activities involve greeting clients, making the staff laugh, and investigating patients from a distance. When we have cats in our adoption program, he makes sure that they know they will be safe and taken care of until they find a good home. He always patrols the hospital and ensures all is in feline order!

Some of Stewie's favorite activities involve chasing treats, climbing bookshelves, and napping in the sunny spots by the big windows out front. He is a well-loved Persian with a heart of gold.


The hospital administration team consists of management personnel who oversee all staff members, hospital activities and the facilities. Together, they keep the hospital running smoothly, ensuring quality patient care and excellent client service. From the moment you check in, our administrative staff is here to deliver the best possible experience to you and your pet before, during and after your visit.