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It’s important to protect your cat from heartworm, a parasite that's spread by mosquitoes. VCA Animal Hospitals offer oral medications and topical solutions to shield cats from serious infection. Talk with your veterinarian to choose the right product and get a prescription.


Frequently Asked Questions About Heartworm Disease

Can cats get heartworm?

Yes, cats do catch heartworm disease from mosquitoes. While more common in dogs, heartworm can have serious health consequences for cats. There’s no cure if they do get infected and it can be fatal. Protect your pet by treating them with a veterinarian-approved preventive medication from myVCA.

Do indoor cats need heartworm prevention for protection?

Yes, indoor cats are still at risk for heartworm disease. Mosquitoes can get inside your home so it’s smart to give both indoor and outdoor cats preventives in the form of chews, tablets, or topical solutions.

What’s the best heartworm prevention option for my cat?

Your veterinarian can help you choose from the various heartworm products to find one that’s appropriate for your cat.


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