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Gary Clarke
Medical Director DVM

The joy of why of I do this has developed from the challenges of difficult medical/surgical cases, to developing the long lasting relationships that come with time and practice. I'm a veterinarian and wear all the hats this position brings but yet I am also an advocate, educator, grief counselor and friend.

My career started as an aspiring engineering student who took a job in a veterinary clinic to save money for college. I soon realized that I could apply my love of math and science to living things without having to practice medicine on human patients. I did not grow up wanting to be a veterinarian, but grew to that point. I did not want to work on/with people, but quickly learned that my role is not different from that of a pediatrician with an infant patient. I am not sure where else I can do what I do from the technical standpoint, experience the joy of bringing a well dog, cat, ferret, rat, etc back to their happy owner, to being part of the family unit when it comes time for end of life decisions. This isn't just a job, it's my life.