Pet Grooming

Pamper your pet in our pet grooming salon!

You can rely on our pet stylists at VCA Village Park Animal Hospital to provide the same level of love and attention to your four-legged fluffy friend, as you do from our medical team. At our grooming facility, our pet stylists offer a variety of services for all your pet’s grooming needs.


  • Professional haircuts accommodating to your specifications for your pet’s style.
  • Luxurious conditioning baths
  • De-skunking services
  • Flea baths
  • De-Matting of coat
  • Nail trims and dremel
  • Nail painting
  • Teeth brushing
  • Special services for geriatric and/or pets with special medical needs or conditions.


*The doctor is always on staff if any issue occurs.

We send each of our groomed pets home with a bow or festive bandana!

Let us answer all your questions and put your concerns to rest. Call (760) 564-3833.

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Available Services
  • Our hospital offers bathing services for your canine or feline. We may also offer additional spa services to keep your furry friend looking their best.

    We require a current Rabies Vaccine with a yearly examination for all grooming pets.... Read more

  • The condition of your cat’s coat can tell you a lot about his or her health. All cats benefit from regular brushing. Brushing removes loose hairs, dead skin cells, parasites, debris, and dirt, as well as redistributes your cats natural skin oils.... Read more

  • Groomer with dog at VCA Village Park Animal Hospital

    Our professional groomers will provide your pet with a quality pampering experience from the first puppy cut through into the senior years. They will personally greet you when you arrive for your appointment and will inquire about your preferences for your pet. Each full groom includes shampooing, blow dry, ear cleaning and plucking, nail trim, and anal gland expression, if needed, and hair cut.... Read more

  • Our hospital offers safe, low-stress nail trims for dogs and cats. Prices vary by size and location, so please contact our hospital for more information.

    .... Read more