Advanced Care

Animal Rehabilitation

Animal rehabilitation is the use of therapeutic exercises combined with additional modalities such as hydrotherapy, ultrasound, cryotherapy, neuromuscular electrical stimulation and acupuncture to improve the recovery of patients with both acute and chronic conditions. Rehabilitation is provided by Dr. Dinan

How Will My Pet Benefit From Animal Rehabilitation? 

Animal rehabilitation can restore, maintain and promote optimal function and mobility; enhance recovery postoperatively; alleviate pain; improve circulation, coordination and range of motion; provide confidence and comfort in geriatric patients.

Is My Pet A Candidate For Rehabilitation? 

Pets of all ages, sizes and breeds can benefit from animal rehabilitation. Any animal suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, obesity or muscle weakness can experience an enhanced quality of life as a result of rehabilitation.

Underwater Treadmill

The underwater treadmill enables dogs to begin the rehabilitation process earlier than normal. The low-impact exercise offered by the underwater treadmill allows the animal to transition more quickly to land-based therapy by increasing muscle strength and endurance with the natural properties of water buoyancy, resistance and heat.

Our rehabilitative therapies include:

Water Therapy (underwater treadmill) - Increase muscle strength, improves cardiovascular health; neuromuscular retraining
Therapeutic Laser Therapy - Stimulates tissue healing, decrease inflammation and reduces pain
Therapeutic Ultrasound - Speeds healing, reduces scar tissue formation
Acupuncture - Pain management, neuromuscular stimulation
Therapeutic Massage/Range of Motion Therapy - Improves circulation, reduces muscle spasm and tension, improves joint mobility, provides pain relief
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation - Treats muscle atrophy, pain management
Therapeutic Exercise - Strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments;
Customized at home therapeutic exercise plans - Rebuild strength, muscle mass and neuromuscular retraining
Thermo- and Cryo-therapies - Relieves pain and inflammation
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