Advanced Care

Laser Surgery

VCA Calvert Veterinary Center is one of the only hospitals in the area that offers LASER surgery. The way a LASER beam reacts with tissue is what makes it such a remarkable instrument. LASER seals nerve endings and blood vessels as it cuts. As a result, our patients, just like human LASER patients, feel less pain. Plus, there is little to no bleeding.

Nothing touches the tissue but a beam of light. Because LASER surgery is a non-contact procedure, there is very little swelling post-operatively. With traditional methods, there is a small but unavoidable amount of tearing, crushing and bruising that leads to post-operative swelling, or edema.

The LASER is so precise that we can perform surgeries in and around the eyes, ears and mouth. These types of procedures would have been very difficult, if not impossible, without a LASER. LASER surgery can be used for almost any surgical procedure that is needed for your pet. We use it routinely for spay, neuter, declaw, and lump removal surgeries. It can also be used for more complicated procedures such as stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, and removal of tumors in hard to reach places. Ask us if LASER surgery is recommended for your pet’s upcoming surgery.