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Rebecca Seacord
Medical Director DVM

Born and raised in upstate New York, Dr. Seacord knew she wanted to become a veterinarian when she was ten years old. Shortly after graduating from veterinary school, Dr. Seacord came to work as an associate doctor at VCA Delmarva Animal Hospital in 1999. She was drawn to the practice's quality medicine, and its caring, cooperative team. Today, Dr. Seacord is proud to have grown along with Delmarva. Together with her amazing team, she looks forward to continuing the tradition of Delmarva's commitment to client service, compassionate patient care, client education, and teamwork.

During her free time, Dr. Seacord enjoys reading, hiking, travel, cooking, watching movies, and spending time with friends and family. She lives in Salisbury with her husband, son, and their 3 cats, Hope, Doc and Fanny.

"When I was ten years old, a gentle veterinarian made my kitty cat well. She was the first pet I ever owned, and I was so in love with her. I decided at that tender age that I wanted nothing more than to be a vet when I grew up. It was simply a desire to care for pets back then.

When I was twenty years old, of course I still loved animals. I still had that same kitty cat! I was working hard to get into veterinary school, and I was loving every minute of it. In my twenties, it was all about the pets, the medicine, and the learning.

When I was 30 years old, I was discovering how it's not only about loving animals and treating them. It was about caring for the pets' people as well. Pets would never get the care they deserve without all the dedicated pet lovers out there.

Now I am forty years old, and today it's not only about pets, medicine, and people - it's about the pets, medicine and people here at VCA Delmarva Animal Hospital. I am proud to look forward to coming to work every day so see your pets, practice veterinary medicine to high VCA and AAHA standards, be a part of your lives, and I get to do it all with the awesome people I work with every day. I would never be able to provide such great care to my patients without the help of my team and the trust and dedication of our clientele. Thank you!"



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