Internal Medicine

What Is an Internal Medicine Specialist?

A board-certified veterinary internal medicine specialist is a licensed veterinarian who has obtained several years of intensive, additional training to understand how your pet's internal body systems function and to improve their ability to diagnose and treat the many serious diseases that can affect the health of those systems. 

These veterinarians (and our internal medicine department is certainly no exception) also have access to diagnostic equipment more advanced than that typically available at a primary care veterinary practice, like sophisticated ultrasound systems or video endoscopes.

Why Would My Pet Need the Services of a Veterinarian Who Specializes in Internal Medicine?

Some diseases are extremely difficult to diagnose or treat properly without advanced training and equipment. 

When the diagnosis is known, an internal medicine specialist may confirm the diagnosis and treatment, providing peace of mind to pet owners. 

If a diagnosis is proving elusive or therapy is not proving effective, a specialist may be better able to find the diagnosis or adjust treatment plans to get your animal back to health. 

Examples of conditions for which your family veterinarian might refer your animal to an internal medicine service include:

  • Anemia or other bleeding disorders
  • Chronic vomiting or diarrhea
  • Complicated pancreatic disease
  • Coughing & other breathing problems
  • Endocrine disease (adrenal tumors, complicated diabetes, thyroid disorders)
  • Infectious disease
  • Kidney or bladder disease
  • Liver inflammation
  • Unexplained weight loss

What Should I Expect During My Visit With the Internal Medicine Department?

The doctor will review your pet's record thoroughly before his or her visit in order to understand the medical background of his or her case. A detailed history will be collected during the visit, and the patient will receive a complete physical exam from the doctor as well. Based on the records, the history, and the exam, the doctor will discuss possible additional diagnostics or treatments with you. 

What Will Happen Once My Pet Has a Diagnosis?

After the doctor arrives at a diagnosis, we can discuss issues such as treatment, prognosis, quality of life and other issues. If your pet requires hospitalization, our 24 hour intensive care unit can provide round the clock doctor and nursing care.