Advanced Care

Animal Rehabilitation

Canine Rehab Program

These are some of our Rehabilitation patients using the Underwater Treadmill. Designed specifically for rehabilitation, the Underwater Treadmill System allows pets to begin the rehabilitation process earlier than normal. Using the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and heat), it creates a low-impact treadmill workout that helps the animal to increase muscle strength and endurance, and allows for a quicker transition to land-based therapy. While obviously excellent for rehabilitation, the Underwater Treadmill is also a great exercise tool for our overweight patients to use in their weight-loss endeavors. Water buoyancy reduces gravity, diminishing concussive forces during exercise. Water also provides resistance throughout the range of motion and the warmth assists in pain reduction so older animals can exercise effectively.

Rosko – Dog Rehabilitation

This is Rosko. He had surgery for a Cruciate Ligament Repair in June of 2008. He started Hydrotherapy in the Underwater Treadmill in July. In the beginning, he was absolutely terrified of the water and would lie flat, spread-eagled in the tank. We worked his range of motion and warmed him up outside of the Hydrotherapy tank, then would gradually get him used to the Underwater Treadmill starting with a small amount of water, adding a little more water at a time. This video was taken during his fourth session. He was given a ball and he loved it so much, he held it in his mouth the whole time. By his eighth session he didn’t need anyone to accompany him in the tank anymore and he continued throughout his ten sessions to greatly improve his range of motion. Rosko’s is just one of our success stories.

Prince – Dog Rehabilitation

Meet Prince. Prince had surgery for a Cruciate Ligament Repair in August of 2008. This is his fifth Rehabilitation session. After surgery there is a tendency for the pet to not use the affected leg. The range of motion exercises and then the Hydrotherapy using the Underwater Treadmill makes it easier for Prince to use his leg, minimizing the normal post-operative discomfort. This video shows both the front view and side view of handsome Prince. From the side you can see how well he is using his hind legs.

Captain – Dog Rehabilitation

This is Captain. He had surgery for a Fracture Repair of his hind leg in May of 2008. He had the pin removal at the end of July and started his Rehabilitation two weeks later. When he started, his range of motion was very restricted. By the third session he wanted to put his front paws on the front and just walk on his back legs. However, with an adjustment in speed he settled down to a normal gait. This is his sixth session. He continued to improve his range of motion with each session – unless he played too hard with his canine companion over the weekend!

Winston – Cat Rehabilitation

Isn’t Winston amazing? He underwent Bilateral Femoral Head Ostectomy in January 2008. Prior to surgery there was severe muscle wasting in both hind legs and he had great difficulty walking. He started post-surgical Rehabilitation at the end of February 2008 and soon became the star of the Underwater Treadmill. Winston was started off at a fairly slow speed for a short amount of time until he got used to the treadmill’s action. By his third session he was placing his feet well. He went through Rehabilitation for two months, and as you can see, he is quite at home in the tank. Who says cats don’t like water?