Pet Counseling

Behavior Counseling

The process for treating behavior issues involves many important steps.

Step 1: Forms must be filled out in detail and returned to Ballston Spa Veterinary Clinic. These will be carefully reviewed by the Doctor before your appointment. All of your answers are confidential. The cost for Doctor review in preparation for the visit and behavior consult is $162.95, to be paid at form submission.
Step 2:
After receiving forms and payment, the receptionist will schedule the exam 7-10 days later with the doctor, labwork and consultation.
Step 3:
Bring your pet in for a physical exam, blood and urine tests and the behavior consultation with the Doctor.
Physical Exam – $72.00
Labwork – $179.00
Behavior Consultation – $162.95 (pre-paid at step 1)
Additional cost could include medications for physical or behavioral problems

Step 4: At the end of the visit, written material will either be given to you or mailed.
Please click on the following links to view and print our Behavior Forms.

Canine Behavior Questionnaire
Feline Behavior Questionnaire
Canine Aggression Screen
Canine Behavior Questionnaire Plus Aggression Screen