Primary Care

Our hospital offers primary care services that cover every pet’s basic needs. These services include spays and neuters, health exams, laboratory and pharmacy services, dental care, and much more! Please click on any of the subheadings listed below to learn more about the primary care services available to your pet.

Available Services
  • Hope - DentistryDental disease is an increasing concern in veterinary medicine.... Read more

  • Hope - Surgery

    Hope Animal Hospital offers week day routine surgical services to dogs, cats, rabbits and other small mammals, birds and reptiles. Our surgery service include spays and neuters (sterilization) along with a variety of soft tissue surgeries such as growth removals, foreign body removals, and amputations.

    Surgical procedures are performed in our dedicated surgery suite.... Read more

  • As pets age, obtaining examinations for them becomes increasingly important. A number of diseases common to the aging process can be treated more effectively when diagnosed early.... Read more

  • Hope - HospiceWe believe that a pet's life can continue for as long as there is good quality of life for both the pet and his or her human family. Therefore a terminal diagnosis does not have to signify the immediate end of a beloved pet's life, but rather a period of time to say goodbye and a time to prepare for life without one's beloved pet.... Read more

  • Hope - HospitalizationHope Animal Hospital believes that pets function best when they are at home rather than in the hospital, so we generally prefer to keep hospitalizations to a minimum. However, it does sometimes become necessary for an animal to be hospitalized in order to treat certain conditions that cannot be effectively treated at home.... Read more

  • Hope - In House Labs

    Hope Animal Hospital offers a variety of laboratory testing. Many services are offered in-house to provide results while you wait. Our facility has some of the most advanced laboratory equipment in use by veterinarians, offering complete blood count and comprehensive blood chemistries.... Read more

  • Reflecting in our holistic approach to medicine, Hope Animal Hospital prescribes and recommends a wide range of neutracuticals (natural medicines and supplements), including those made by Standard Process, Buck Mountain, Vetri-Science, and Wysong. For acute-onset diseases and conditions that do not respond to natural medicines, we also prescribe a wide range of conventional medicines, many of which can be compounded into forms that are more convenient for administration to pets, such as flavored liquids, chews and topical medications.

    .... Read more