Preventive Care

Preventive care services are performed to help pets avoid disease and sickness and to ensure that they remain healthy. These services include vaccinations, parasite control, wellness exams, and weight management. Please click on any of the subheadings listed below to learn more about our services in preventive care.
Available Services
  • Fleas and ticks are more common during warm months (spring to fall), but can be seen throughout the year in the Northeast especially with warmer winter months. VCA recommends dogs and cats, especially indoor/outdoor cats be on year round prevention. Lyme Disease and Anaplasma are two common tick borne diseases we currently find in our city pets.... Read more

  • Hope - Microchip

    Hope Animal Hospital thoroughly endorses microchipping as a safe, effective and inexpensive method to ensure that beloved pets can be reunited with the families who love them. 10 million unidentified pets get lost every year. 90% don’t return home! Compared with these statistics, over 94% of microchipped pets have been reunited with their families.... Read more

  • Hope - New Kitten

    The decision to bring a kitten or puppy into your life for the first time is a momentous and life changing one. Like any new parenting, it can be both joyful and stressful at times. Hope Vet's aim is to educate and support new owners during this critical time.... Read more

  • Heartworm disease is found in all 50 states and Hope recommends Heartworm prevention year round. Heartworm is carried by mosquitos and it takes 6 months for the larva transferred by mosquitos to the blood stream to become adult worms. Adult worms lodge in one of the main arteries of the heart and can cause life threatening disease.... Read more

  • Vaccinations are critical to the well-being of our pets, because they protect against potentially deadly viral diseases like Distemper, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis and Rabies in dogs, and Panleukopenia, Feline Leukemia Virus and Rabies in cats.


    • Annual Rabies Vaccination - Rabies is always fatal (in both animals and humans). Since there is no cure, prevention by vaccination is the only solution.... Read more

  • Like humans, pets benefit from visiting their doctor annually. Annual wellness exams help to identify and address medical, behavioral or environmental issues before they present a serious concern. It also provides an opportunity to discuss recent advances in veterinary health care and nutrition that may be of benefit.... Read more