Primary Care

General Surgery

Hope Animal Hospital offers week day routine surgical services to dogs, cats, rabbits and other small mammals, birds and reptiles. Our surgery service include spays and neuters (sterilization) along with a variety of soft tissue surgeries such as growth removals, foreign body removals, and amputations.

Surgical procedures are performed in our dedicated surgery suite. We take the utmost care for the safety and well being of every animal. The most stringent anesthetic protocols are used to maximize safety. All pets are given pain relievers and sedatives to minimize the pain and stress of surgery both before and after the procedure. We use heated surgery tables and warm blankets for recovery to ensure comfort.

In order to ensure that animals are safe to undergo surgery, all pets are required to have a pre-surgical examination by one of our veterinarians. During the exam the veterinarian will explain the procedure and address any questions or concerns.