Due to COVID-19, The Pet Inn is open for limited grooming appointments only.

Welcome to The Pet Inn at VCA Mueller Pet Medical Center

The Pet Inn has a unique history in the Sacramento Community blossoming under the direction of VCA Mueller Pet Medical Center, the area’s trusted 24-hour emergency clinic and family veterinarian.

For over 60 years, The Pet Inn at VCA Mueller Pet Medical Center has prided itself on providing comfortable and secure pet lodging to beloved dogs and cats, and has accepted the tremendous responsibility for that care. As our relationship with our animal companions has strengthened, so has our desired level of care.

The Pet Inn was created to provide this home-away from-home environment. We staff with only pet-loving individuals that provide all of the activities to make your pet’s stay as close to their natural routine as possible. The Pet Inn, in conjunction with Mueller Pet Medical Center’s 24-hour on-site veterinary staff, has uniquely offered peace of mind to many owners who prefer that added level of supervision.

Your pets are part of the family. At The Pet Inn, we know that, and we make them part of our family, too, while they’re here—whether they come for a day or spend a whole vacation with us.

We are not your average Sacramento dog lodging facility. Call us at (916) 428-9213 to find out what makes us so much more than a kennel!


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