Primary Care

In-House Pharmacy

We want to make pet care convenient and stress free for Sacramento pet owners. That’s why, in addition to our veterinary and emergency care, VCA Mueller Animal Hospital features a complete, full-service pet pharmacy on premises. We keep a close watch on your pets and their medications. Some medications do require periodic blood tests but rest assured we will keep you informed if those are needed.

We will give you a call when your prescriptions are ready or if we have any questions. Refills may take up to two hours depending on volume and doctor approval.

Pet Medication Errors
The FDA released a warning about pet medication errors and they have noted a host of errors that occur in the filling process, especially when medications are filled at human pharmacies rather than the veterinarian's office. Among other alarming errors, pharmacists and veterinarians are not taught the same abbreviations for medication frequency. That is, the pharmacist could potentially fill a medication and tell you, the pet owner, to give the medication too often or to give too much of the medication. Errors like these can cause serious problems, even death.