VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital

Our Story

At VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital, we help cats, dogs, small mammals, birds, and reptiles live long, healthy lives by giving highly personal care in our AAHA-accredited facility.

Our veterinarian, technician, and client service teams attend regular training to keep up on the latest procedures and medicine so your pet receives quality preventive and healing care.

More than 40 of our staff members, including all 12 doctors, are Fear Free™ Certified Professionals. That means we work hard to make your pet's visit as relaxing as possible. If your pet is nervous at the vet, please ask us for tips before visiting.

Hometown Care at VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital

Open seven days, we offer a full range of services for cats, dogs, small mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish. Although most clients come from Burlington, Lynn, Lynnfield, Melrose, Reading, Saugus, Stoneham, Wakefield, Wilmington, Winchester, and Woburn, many drive up from Boston or down from New Hampshire to see one of our twelve doctors. We offer wellness care, treat diseases and injuries, and perform complex dental procedures and surgeries. Typical dental procedures include cleaning and polishing, full-mouth digital x-rays, and—if necessary—extractions. We also provide pharmaceutical products and pet foods.

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is the only organization that accredits veterinary practices in the United States and Canada. In fact, only 15% of veterinary hospitals undergo the rigorous accreditation process, setting themselves apart from other hospitals. VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital has been an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association for more than 40 years. To maintain our accreditation, AAHA conducts regular inspections to ensure that we maintain the highest standards in patient care, diagnostics, housekeeping, and record-keeping. Our doctors and staff work hard to provide the very best in veterinary care, and we're proud that we passed our recent inspection with flying colors.

Accreditations & Affiliations
American Animal Hospital Association

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) sets the standard for quality veterinary care for companion animals. As an accredited hospital, we voluntarily uphold the Association's high standards in 18 different areas and are routinely evaluated on over 900 different standards of veterinary care. Not all animal hospitals are accredited, and we are proud to be amongst only 12-15% of veterinary hospitals that hold this honor.

American Association of Feline Practitioners

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) represents practitioners in the veterinary community who are passionate about the care of cats and supports its members in improving the health and welfare of feline patients. With a reputation as a leader in the field of feline medicine, the AAFP helps veterinary practices establish a feline-friendly environment that reduces stress for cats during veterinary visits.

Cat Friendly Practice - Gold logo
Cat Friendly Practice

The Cat Friendly Practice® program is a leading movement to make veterinary care less stressful for cats and their caregivers. This global initiative is designed to elevate care for cats by assisting practices in developing calming, cat-friendly environments and reducing stress for felines before, during, and after their veterinary visit.

Fear Free logo
Fear Free Certified Professional

As veterinary professionals, we know that the stress and anxiety associated with taking a pet to the veterinarian is a significant reason why pets don't always receive the medical attention they need. Fear Free℠ veterinary visits reduce feelings of stress, resulting in a better experience for all involved, including pets, owners, and veterinary health care teams. Having a Fear Free℠ Certified Professional can help alleviate your pet's fear, anxiety, and stress when visiting our hospital.

Helpful Resources

Lionbridge provides over-the-phone and video interpretation services for non-English-speaking and American Sign Language (ASL) clients. In real time, veterinary providers can enlist an expert Lionbridge interpreter to facilitate a clear exchange of information between themselves and clients. Lionbridge’s on-demand, remote interpretation services enable effective and accurate communication with clients. This service empowers clients to be heard and spoken to in their own language, which in turn facilitates a deeper understanding of the care your pet needs.  

Learn more about Lionbridge’s interpretation services:

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