Preventive Care

Parasite Control

There are several types of intestinal parasites that infect most puppies and kittens and can commonly infect adult animals. These parasites and other organisms live inside the pet and produce eggs too small to be seen with the naked eye that pass in your pet's feces. We use a microscope to look for these parasites in your pet's stool. Some parasites found in dogs and cats can also infect humans, sometimes leading to serious medical conditions. Detection and prevention are the best courses of action to protect your children and family. We recommend an annual fecal test and Interceptor for a monthly dewormer. In some cases, we may need to give a different dewormer at the annual exam. The best time to test your pet for internal parasites is at the annual exam. Just bring in a small, fresh stool sample. If your pet is infected, the doctor will choose the correct medication to treat your pet.