Primary Care


Our hospital offers routine radiology services. Radiology is the study and science of x-rays. X-rays are used to help your veterinarian diagnose a problem or a disease in your pet. X-rays are capable of detecting arthritis, fractures, bony tumors and other forms of cancer; heart enlargement and congestive heart failure; bladder and kidney stones; stomach or intestinal foreign bodies; pneumonia and other lung diseases and much more. X-rays are part of a diagnostic work-up if your pet is having a problem or as part of a general wellness examination in an older pet to detect potential problems early. To give your pet the best medical diagnosis possible, we have all of our radiographs reviewed by a Radiologist.  Dr Schallberger comes to our hospital two days a week and carefully reviews your pet????????s x-rays and consults with your doctor.  Once we have the complete x-ray report, we????????ll be able to tell you about the best treatment options for your pet.   She also comes to some of our doctor meetings to help us with case review and interpreting radiographic findings.Ask our staff or veterinarians if you have questions about our Radiology Services.