Pet Counseling

Behavior Counseling

The most important part of managing unwanted pet behavior is understanding its root cause. We begin this process by first ruling out any potential medical causes. This is important, since many illnesses have symptoms and side effects that can easily be mistaken for behavior problems. For instance, a cat that keeps urinating outside the litter box may actually be suffering from a health issue, such as a bladder or urinary tract infection. If your pet’s behavior is, in fact, due to a medical problem, diagnosing and treating that problem will usually take care of the behavior.

Once we’ve ruled out any potential medical causes for your pet’s behavior, we will work on pinpointing exactly what behavior we’re dealing with. In many cases, smaller issues can actually be signs of a much larger problem. For example, a pet that barks incessantly whenever left home alone may actually be suffering from separation anxiety. Only when we understand the real problem at hand can we address it most effectively.

Some of the many behavior issues we can help with include:

House Training Problems
Destructive Behavior
Obsessive/Compulsive Behaviors

Once we’ve accurately diagnosed the behavior we’re dealing with, we can then work with you to provide the education, tools and support you’ll need to overcome that unwanted behavior once and for all. Through patience, perseverance, and proven behavior modification techniques, we’re confident that you’ll be able to get the situation under control and achieve real, permanent results.

If you’re struggling with unwanted pet behavior, don’t wait another moment. Give us a call and let us help to restore peace and balance back into your home.