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Arielle Stevens
Staff Veterinarian DVM

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University-New Brunswick, and my doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine from St. Matthews University in the Cayman Islands. I completed my clinical year at the University of Missouri.

I have been with VCA since 2016, where I initially started as a client service representative and then quickly became a veterinary assistant prior to starting vet school.

I have 3 amazing cats: Bowie, who likes to act like a dog and loves playing fetch; Jagger, who is the smartest but clumsiest cat I know; and Kaia, who is just a special unique one-of-a-kind girl. I plan to continue to expand my zoo with dogs and another chameleon.

I was born and raised in Middlesex County, New Jersey.

I love traveling, being adventurous, going to concerts/shows, enjoying warm weather and the beach, baking, and going to sporting events like hockey games. I love spending time with my pets, friends, and family. I enjoy partaking in shelter events and assisting in getting animals a safe home.

My special interests include cardiology and dentistry.

I became Fear Free Certified as of early 2021.

Ultimately down the road, I want to have a rescue that aids in saving animals from kill shelters.


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