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TPLO is an advanced technique for repair of the torn cranial cruciate ligament (CCL – the same as the ACL in humans). Rupture of the cruciate ligament is the most common orthopedic injury of dogs of all breeds and especially large breeds such as Labrador Retrievers and Rottweilers.

The knee (stifle joint) of the dog is similar to a human’s knee. Located inside the joint of the knee is the cranial cruciate ligament, which is responsible for maintaining stability of the joint, preventing backward sliding of the femur on the tibia. When the ligament ruptures,the joint becomes unstable and the femur slides backwards and forwards on the tibia, creating what is called “drawer motion”. This causes debilitating long-term lameness and accelerated formation of degenerative joint disease. We see this problem in all breeds, large and small, all ages, and even cats. TPLO is the technique of choice for large (over 40 pounds) active dogs because it results in a faster return to normal function, better range of motion and less arthritis in the joint later in life than the standard extracapsular technique.


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