Electrochemotherapy is a revolutionary cancer treatment that has been used extensively in both human and veterinary cancer centers across Europe and is now available in the United States. Electrochemotherapy treatment targets cancerous cells using a combination of electrical pulses and low dose chemotherapy agents. Small pores within cancer cells are formed for a few milliseconds when electrical pulses are applied. The formation of these pores allows a chemotherapy agent to enter into the cancer cells. Once the pores close, the chemotherapy agent becomes trapped within the cell, leading to cancer cell death. Studies have shown that electrochemotherapy treatment is 700 - 1000x more effective at cancer cell death than with traditional chemotherapy alone. Objective response rates are over 80%.

Electrochemotherapy has shown to be effective in the treatment of a variety of tumors including melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, mast cell tumors, soft tissue sarcomas, and many others. Electrochemotherapy can be used as the primary cancer treatment, before surgical removal of a tumor, or following surgery as adjunctive treatment. Electrochemotherapy treatment recommendations are based on tumor size, location, and the ability for the tumor to be removed. The number of treatments needed for tumor control varies but most often ranges between two and three applications. Side effects occur infrequently and are typically mild since the treatment is focused on the cancer itself.

Dr. Segaloff is excited to be able to offer this innovative treatment to his patients.