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For Veterinarians

At VCA Animal Specialty Group, we’ve taken a collaborative approach to patient care from the very beginning. In fact, it was - and still is - the very rock upon which our entire hospital was built. In 1990, when Dr. Kirk Wendelburg founded Animal Specialty Group as a surgical referral facility, it was specifically designed to be an open environment, where surgeons were encouraged to consult with pet owners, referring veterinarians, and other surgeons working under the same roof. To this day, those values still hold true. 

Working closely with each other, as well as with pet owners and family veterinarians, we’re able to deliver the best possible care by openly exchanging information and ideas for the betterment of our patients. And as we continue to add new specialties and services to our team, we pledge to always stay true to the collaborative spirit upon which our hospital was founded.

For Veterinarians

We Work With You 
Operating as an extension to the primary care veterinarians' practice, VCA Animal Specialty Group provides referring veterinarians with access to a wealth of sophisticated, leading-edge resources. All information is provided in a timely manner and in an environment where collaboration between the patient, their primary veterinarian, and ASG's team of veterinary specialists is highly encouraged. 

You Can Trust Us With Your Referrals
We have assembled an incredible team of outstanding, board-certified, and some award-winning individuals in multi-specialty areas including surgery, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, radiology, and ER critical care – all working together as one cohesive team. At VCA ASG, specialists from various disciplines consult with each other whenever necessary on difficult, complex cases, to create a comprehensive and incredibly thorough treatment plan for our patients. 

Specialists Who Get The Job Done
Our specialty staff is just that – special. We have assembled an impressive team, working together to care for your (equally special) pet. With a number of different specialists who have the ability to collaborate on difficult cases, anything is possible. 

Refer Your Client Today
At VCA Animal Specialty Group in Los Angeles, our hospital is equipped to take on complex, advanced, critical or time sensitive cases. Let our veterinary specialists, with their combined years of expertise, find a solution to the problem at hand. Fill out a referral form or contact us today for more information. 

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