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Palliation is medical care or treatment that is focused on reducing symptoms associated with a disease process rather than trying providing a cure for the disease. The goal with palliative care is prevent or relieve suffering as to improve the quality of life of your pet so you may have some quality time with them. There are many ways to perform palliative care and each plan will be developed based on your pet’s clinical signs and their stage of cancer.

Palliation may simply include pain medications, antibiotics or diet changes but can also include modalities such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Quality of life monitoring with regular examinations can also be helpful to ensure changes occurring with progression of the disease are matching with the pet’s treatment plan.
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Cancer can be one of the most complex and difficult diseases to diagnose and treat, not to mention emotionally draining on every level for both you and your pet. Our oncology department leads the attack against your pet’s cancer, coming at it from all sides with traditional therapies, surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and chemotherapy to provide...

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