Preventive Care

Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are a vital component to keeping your pet in tiptop shape from head to toe. VCA Burrstone Animal Hospital recommends annual checkups for pets. 

At this visit, we will perform a complete physical exam.  We will record your pet's weight.  Studies have shown keeping your pet at a healthy weight can add years to his/her life.  We will check your pet's skin and coat because the skin and coat are excellent indicators of overall health.   

We will also listen to your pet's heart to check for any murmurs or abnormalities of rhythm.   Heart problems often do not show until they are very advanced. Annual checkups help to identify these problems before your pet is showing symptoms.  We will also listen to his/her lungs for any breathing problems.

Our complete physical also includes checking eyes, ears and teeth.  Some level of dental disease is present in the majority of dogs and cats over three years of age. Dental disease often leads to bad breath and can put your pet's organs (including heart, kidneys and liver) at risk.

We will also palpate your pet's belly and bones/muscles for any signs of discomfort or abnormalities which pets are often very good at hiding.  A checkup can help identify these so they can be addressed sooner.

Canine Drop-Off Form for Wellness Exams