Pet Counseling

Our hospital offers counseling for issues that may be affecting your pet. These issues could range from a pet being overweight and needing nutritional counseling to changes in behavior that require behavior modification. If your pet is experiencing pain, house soiling, irritability, aggression, anxiety or compulsive behaviors, consult your pet’s veterinarian. Our team is able to help find the root cause of your pet’s problem and devise a treatment plan. If the problem is beyond our staff’s ability to treat, we will refer you to another trusted and trained professional for assistance.

Available Services
  • Behavioral problems in the pet are the number one reason animals are relinquished from their home. Many of these problems are not a simple training issue and beyond the scope of the local obedience class. Behavior problems can be very troubling and owners can feel powerless when their attempts to intervene fail to resolve these problems.... Read more

  • The nutritional needs of pets change as they age, and pet food labels can be difficult to interpret. The veterinarians of VCA Desert Inn Animal Hospital are specially trained on pet nutrition and regularly consult with pet owners to select foods that best meet individual needs.

    How do veterinarians determine the best pet food choices?

    Pets age much faster than people, and their bodies require different nutrients at the different stages of life to remain healthy.... Read more