Preventive Care

Wellness Exams

Every pet benefits from a yearly physical exam. Pets hide their illnesses as a defense mechanism, resulting from the times when their species lived in the wild and showing weakness attracted predators. Because they are good at hiding their illnesses, a pet owner may not be aware of the sickness until it has progressed.

Our veterinarians provide thorough physical exams to catch the subtle signs of any problems. Early detection of disease allows for much greater success in treatment.

As part of a pet’s annual exam, Desert Inn Animal Hospital recommends yearly blood work. A general blood chemistry screen gives an indication of how well the body’s internal organs are functioning, detects early signs of disease, and provides a base line for tracking any future changes in the normal condition of each pet.

Because pets age faster than humans, as a pet ages, our veterinarians may recommend blood tests twice per year to detect common ailments that may arise.