Pet Boarding

When you have to travel and can't bring your pet, you can trust our hospital to offer compassionate care while you are away. If you have questions about what boarding options are available for your pet, please contact our hospital to discuss rates and availability. So we can better serve you and your pet, please make reservations in advance, especially around the holidays.

Available Services
  • The cats are accommodated separately from the dogs and they enjoy a full-length view of our aviary. We have many rescued or surrendered birds that enjoy living in this huge aviary, and the cats enjoy watching them. Our cat "condos" are two-level which satisfies the cats' needs to climb and perch on a higher level.... Read more

  • If you have to be away and cannot take your companion with you, we are happy to care for them in our climate controlled boarding facilities. We have a variety of housing options to suit all types of pets. We strive to make sure every pet is comfortable, happy, and well cared for while you are away.... Read more

  • Your dogs are accommodated in either our runs or our cages. They are let out in a secured play yard where they can run, play, pottie, and socialize. Our canine guests enjoy the the TV which is on all day and all night.... Read more

  • Our daycare is one of the most popular services we provide to our clients. The pets who benefit from this wonderful service are the high-energy dogs who need frequent exercise sessions, the dogs who have separation anxiety issues, and the puppies who are on a specific "pottie" schedule. Our staff will accommodate whatever needs you and your pet have.... Read more